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Portable UV Sterilising Bag

Portable UV Sterilising Bag

  • £66.00
  • £85.00

Jiffi has teamed up with 59S to manufacture the world's first Portable LED UVC Steriliser Bag. This nifty travel bag makes an amazing baby shower gift for new mothers. Our sterilisers terminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria from teats to breast pump accessories all while on-the-go, giving your baby the ultimate protection.

Its compact size and lightness makes for the perfect travel bag. disinfect bottles whenever and wherever you wish.

On a single charge, the machine can run 20 x 3 minute sterilisation cycles using the power bank. Easiliy recharge the battery by plugging the power bank into a USB port. Never stress about your baby's hygiene again.