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About Us

Late-night feeds were a major pain for us as new parents. Not having the water warm on time. Going to restaurants and repeatedly requesting the staff to reheat the baby bottle. It was a never-ending nuisance. It was extremely difficult to travel with the baby, which was sad as we love to travel. As a result, we decided to develop a bottle warmer to improve the quality of life for all parents. 

Jiffi Baby's is the result of a partnership of manufacturers, designers, and parents who feel that the greatest way to raise your little one is to experience the world with them by your side, rather than keeping confined to the comforts of home.

Jiffi's portable bottle warmer is the world's first rechargeable cordless warmer with an attachable formula dispenser, ideal for on-the-go parents like us. It has 4 temperature settings to suit your baby's comfort. You can just charge and go, no need to even bring formula as our formula dispenser can hold up to 150g in the base! Keep the water/milk warm at a constant temperature throughout the day or night. It is fantastic for traveling. Fits perfectly in a diaper bag. You can now drop the cords and formula tubs, and go out with ease.