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Portable Warmer Bundle Set

Portable Warmer Bundle Set

  • $150.00
  • $170.00

The Jiffi Portable Bottle Warmer allows you to heat up ANY bottle, ANY where, ANY time – In Under 5 Minutes

It's as simple as attaching it to the top of your bottle, turning it on, and giving it to your baby once it's warm. Then, of course, unwind. You've earned it!

Our portable bottle warmer offers by far the easiest and quickest way to warm any liquid for your baby while you're out and about. Choose your desired temperature (37, 40, 45 or 50 degrees Celsius), keep the bottle warm for up to 6 hours before recharging the unit. Now comes with a dust-cover to deter any nasties.


When a baby transitions from milk to solid food, it can be a difficult transition. You have to heat it to the ideal temperature to that its comfortable in there mouths. If you microwave baby food however, it will most likely be extremely hot — far too hot for your baby to tolerate.

Don't stress anymore; We have you covered.
Our Portable Food Warmer allows you to become a baby chef on the go thanks to its consistent convection heating. You'll be able to offer excellent baby food to your little one on demand in only 5 minutes, no matter where you are or what you're doing. If you think about it, Jiffi has simply increased your opportunities. Mealtimes can be had just as easily away from home as they are at home. Amazing hey!

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